] > Benvenuto al convegno Arisla 2013

Welcoming from the President of AriSLA Foundation

The V edition of the scientific meeting of AriSLA Foundation occurs during an exceptional international context of fundraising and increased awareness, due to the recent viral and media campaign in favour of ALS research. This unexpected event represent for all of us a renewed challenge for continuing to invest effort, genius and passion with the sole aim of identifying new research perspectives that will improve the understanding of the disease and hopefully open soon to new therapies.


In particular, this year edition of our annual AriSLA meeting will address the interesting issue of new disease models, with the participation of renown international experts, whom I personally thank for their outstanding contribution to the scientific debate. Moreover, the new research perspectives also include our own contribution, represented by the translational research projects with high potential for innovation that we have funded, which will be orally communicated and discussed during the Sessions.


I am sure that this year edition of our annual conference will meet your expectations for an interesting scientific up-to-date and will represent the opportunity for an open debate within the national ALS research community, that AriSLA is proud to represent and sustain.


I wish you all a good job


Mario Melazzini

President of the AriSLA Foundation